Free up your time and improve your quality of life 

An assistant to coordinate your activities

Disbrain is a cloud service - with web and mobile interfaces -designed to make the management of projects and activities simple for small and micro businesses, including those offering professional services.

Find out what these people already know...

Anna - Software House Owner

"The Solution Maps, for small companies like mine, enable procedures to be mapped and described in detail. As well as improving work they are a useful training tool for new recruits"

Alberto - Consulting Company Director

"An excellent commercial tool for people offering professional services who, like me, have little time. The process maps included in offers clearly describe the boundaries of the consulting project to be delivered"

Giovanni - Construction company Owner

"In my work, rescheduling site activities is the order of the day. Customers often change their minds and unforeseen situations are always around the corner: being able to create a revised plan with one click is fantastic"

Stay tuned: Disbrain is about to leave the lab!

Innovative and unique features

Solution Map

Mind maps enable you to represent your business processes or projects visually with all the necessary level of detail, in an intuitive format to help you understand, manage and monitor

Reschedule with just one click

With Disbrain, individual employee calendars are no longer stand-alone but connected to the network, and you can plan and reschedule activities automatically. It's like your car navigator which calculates and recalculates the best route

Activity exchange (coming soon)

Disbrain is an aggregation platform that will offer new opportunities for small businesses and those providing professional services to collaborate. If you are looking for a resource, a supplier or another company to subcontract a part of your project, you can find it on Disbrain

Why Disbrain?

To manage projects complexity

To deal better with unexpected issues and manage shared resources across multiple projects

To convey the value of your work

To help your customers understand the commitment needed to achieve their goals

 To reduce the risk of errors and disputes

A more efficient organization is also a guarantee of high-quality service

To increase and consolidate reputation

Heritage which nowadays can be built and maintained only through digitization